That Thing About the Psychic and Learning How to Develop Your Magic

That Thing About the Psychic and Learning How to Develop Your Magic
Season 1 The Journey Begins

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Our guest this episode is Emily Davis, a Bestselling Author, Spiritual Coach, Energy Healer, Podcast Host,Artist, Psychic/Medium, and Magick. We learn how she began to awaken her spiritual, and intuitive gifts around the time she was eight years old and now specializes in channeling everything from past lives to spirit guides, energy and aura sensing and healing, and more.  Lucky for you her passion is to help you discover YOUR magick and learn how to start to develop YOUR skills. You can find your own magic in your life; book a consultation or reading from Emily, find links to her podcast, “Perceptionist Anonymous” and find information on how to obtain her book; “Damsel No More” at her website http://damselnomore  as well as our website

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