That Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss ep 20

Ashley Wellman, PhD: Author. Speaker. Scholar. Mom.
Bio: Dr. Ashley Wellman has been a scholar specializing in homicide, victimology, and trauma since 2008. As a widow and single mother, she had to rebuild and redefine her life. Now, as author of the My Friend Fresno children’s book series, she is creating a life full of magic for her family while spreading a message of love, acceptance and friendship to all those who interact with her business. Author of The Girl Who Dances with Skeletons: My Friend Fresno Available Now (Pre-sale) Join them as they learn that new things don’t have to be scary, our differences make us special, and that life is better when we are in it together. Shop and Play at: For more adventures, follow us @MyFriendFresno
Why I write…
When faced with the tragic loss of my husband in 2018, my dearest friend challenged me to take a break and write for my soul. There was one rule: find joy in what you are writing. What started as a means to survive trauma evolved into a way to heal. Today, writing serves as a gift, allowing me to tap into what really matters: creating a meaningful, happy, and magical life for my family. My daughter’s innocence and light inspire embrace uncertainty, break boundaries, and dream bigger. The result… stories to thrill, move, motivate, and entertain. Hope you enjoy! For listeners of this podcast episode use COUPON code: BEFOREYOUGO20 and listeners can save when they listen and shop!!!

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