That Thing About Young Comedians ep 21

“Jacob Craig is a podcast host and stand-up comedian from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He started comedy at the ripe age of 17, and at 20 he is currently one of the youngest headlining comedians in the United States. Having headlined shows in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and cementing himself as a favorite of New Orleans, Jacob is far more seasoned than his age might suggest. A lover of all aspects of the entertainment industry, Jacob seeks to provide insight into the world of comedy and beyond as someone who has been in the business for his entire adult life, and maybe he will make you laugh a time or two in the process.” His podcast links:
We discuss the topics his journey as a comedian, what it’s like on the road going to different gigs, what’s the differences between that and an actor/musician, as well as what it’s like doing comedy at such a young age, some of gis comedic influences, and how COVID has affected the entertainment industry.

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