ThatThing Before About Christianity in Today’s Environment ep. 25 Eric Jackson Lead Pastor

My name is Eric Jackson and I’m a Lead Pastor and author from the Northwoods of WIsconsin. I am writing because I thought you may be interested in speaking with someone who is passionate about addressing and connecting with the frustrated Christians living on the outskirts of our churches.

As you probably know, with everything that is happening in America, the curtain is being pulled back on The Church. There are many Christians that have major questions about what they are seeing, and how to appropriately respond. The more discontent Christians become, the more important it is for leaders to reach out and make sure they know that they are heard. According to Faith Communities Today, “In a recent survey of 2,500 congregations, more than half of the members said they did not believe their church was spiritually vital”.

In my book, “Feral Christian”, I explain how we arrived where we are today. I give readers permission to be restless with a life that is less than God called them to live, and prod them to ask themselves difficult questions about their own relationship with Jesus. It is a guide on how to push past man-made fences to possess the land that God has called you to possess, and in turn revolutionize The Church itself.

I’d love to help your audience process their feelings of dissatisfaction in a healthy way. I want to make sure they know they are not alone, and that there is more on the table, both for their personal walk and The Church. If they feel unsettled with the way things are, they need to know that they don’t just have to pick between becoming numb or leaving The Church altogether.

As for my credentials, I’m an Ordained Minister (Assemblies of God) with educational background/training in Biblical Studies, Communication, and Human Development. I also have extensive experience in nearly all aspects of church life/culture in a variety of setting and denominations. I produce a podcast at, and also write a blog. You can see an example of my writing at

Eric Jackson

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