That Thing About Managing Disease Through Diet ep. 22 Alison Tierney MS, RD

Alison Tierney is a registered dietitian board certified in oncology nutrition. Her life’s passion is preventing, managing, and reversing chronic diseases with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Alison’s approach is focused on recommendations strongly rooted in scientific evidence. She is focused on a whole food plant-based diet, Alison helps patients navigate their health journey after encountering a chronic illness such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, and infertility. Another pillar of Alison’s approach is focused on prevention to help others take health into their own hands. A unique feature of Wholesome is that Alison and Lauren have experienced their own personal struggles with chronic conditions and have been able to overcome them with the nutrition and healthy lifestyle promoted within Wholesome. Through weekly blog posts with healthy recipes, evidence-based nutrition, and tips and tricks, Alison teaches others how to live a truly Wholesome life. Wholesome LLC, run by Alison Tierney, spreads the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to combat chronic disease. As a board-certified oncology registered dietitian, Alison focuses on evidence-based nutrition to educate and empower individuals to take their health into their own hands not only after diagnosis but before. Using plant-based nutrition and a focus on whole-person health, Alison overcame PCOS and infertility. Now, she is on a mission to foster a community dedicated to the prevention and management of chronic diseases through individual counseling, seminars, recipes, blog development, and online courses. Wholesome’s motto is simple for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike – eat more plants.
  • MS – Master of Science – Nutrition & Fitness Concentration
  • RD – Registered Dietitian
  • CD – Certified Dietitian, State of Wisconsin
  • CSO – Certified Specialist in Oncology
  • Adjunct Graduate Professor – Evidence Based Practice, Oncology

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