That Thing About Traveling Back in Time

In this episode we explore That Thing About Traveling Back in Time. Have you ever wondered if what you did in your past life was brought forward to your present? Does Karma follow you through time? How can you resolve that karma in this life? Do past lives even exist? What is the process of regression? We’re going to answer these questions and more when we talk to Chris Lee, a clinical hypnotherapist that specializes in past life regression. You are going to learn how your fears, phobias, aches and pains may have a relation to something in a past life. Join the conversation as we discuss Is a unique methodology do you help you discover what you may have brought forward. You can connect with Chris to explore how he can help you discover your hidden past, at You will find info on his books such as Life in The Past Lane, and seminars by contacting him directly. Don’t forget to visit our website for more info

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